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Ajuntament de Tortosa
Ajuntament de Tortosa

Els Reguers

The Village

Village located at the north-west sector of the municipality of Tortosa (Baix Ebre), at the right of the ravine named Vall Cervera, bordering with the municipality of Roquetes. Population is roughly above 660 people. There's the Cervera irrigation ditch, but it predominates the dry land farming (olive tree). Using the palm to make handcraft products has been a village traditional activity.

By 1853 it became an independent municipality but, 2 years later, joined again the municipality of Tortosa. (Act adopted by the Diputació Provincial de Tarragona, 5/12/1855).

A quite complete information about the village can be found on the book Els Reguers, written by Adrià Grau Forés and Tomàs Camacho Molina and published by Cinctorres Club, 1999.