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Ajuntament de Tortosa
Ajuntament de Tortosa

Business - Fira Tortosa

Why choose Tortosa to do business?


Tortosa is located in southern Catalonia, near the Mediterranean Sea, just 200 km from Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza.

Transport connections

Land transport
  • By road
    • AP-7 Motorway to Barcelona-Valencia
    • C-12 Eix de l'Ebre, connecting to Lleida and Zaragoza
  • By train
    • RENFE
    • AVE High-speed train (Camp de Tarragona)
  • By bus
    • HIFE
Air transport
There are 4 airports within a radius of 200 km.
  • Reus (84 km)
  • Barcelona (167 km)
  • València (198 km)
  • Zaragoza (200 km)
Sea transport
Main sea ports near to Tortosa
  • Sant Carles de la Ràpita Port: 27 km
  • Tarragona Port: 85 km
  • Castelló Port: 114 km
  • València Port: 174 km
  • Barcelona Port: 189 km


Tortosa has a typical Mediterranean climate with dry summers and very mild winters.

Quality of life

A medium-sized commercial and services orientated city equipped with all of the necessary resources and services, but free from the traffic and stress problems of a large city.

With a varied range of cultural, sporting and leisure activities on offer, with the option of taking university studies, just 20 km from the beach and from the mountains, it is a city where people enjoy a great quality of life.

Industrial land

The traditional farming industry thrives alongside other sectors, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, pottery, wind power, etc.

There are 3 industrial estates in Tortosa, equipped with all of the required urban services:
more information: Economic sectors - industry

Subsidies and grants

Tortosa offers tax breaks on the Economic Activity Tax and the Tax on Constructions, Facilities and Works for Companies and Employment Generation.

Tax ordinances